Wednesday, January 14, 2009


"They that wait on the Lord shall renew their strength..."

How do you wait when you are ill or are caring for the ill? The Bible emphasizes that the waiting itself can be strengthening. It is not that you wait until you get strength, but that in waiting before the Lord, calling our to Him, hoping in Him, one finds strength. As Andrew Murray pointed out, waiting on the Lord also means refusing to act in the flesh. We wait on God's wisdom and power and do not race ahead of God's wise ways.

We are waiting to find out how my wife will heal. She is getting better, moving in the right direction; but she has not yet reached the destination of freedom from a staph infection. We are waiting on the Lord. One way to not wait on God is to project a future where God is absent. As John MacArthur once preached, God does not does give you grace for tomorrow today, but tomorrow.


  1. Missy and I prayed for your wife last night. I am glad to hear there is progress.

  2. I am waiting in your stead, praying regularly throughout my day.