Saturday, July 25, 2009

Hope for Liberia

This is off the topic, but a matter of great concern to me.

Many Christian ministries and churches are being hit by the economic recession. Hoever, many of them can absorb setbacks, given their resources. Some, however, cannot rest on acquired properties or large amounts of savings.One such ministry is a visionary outreach to a war-ravaged and struggling African country called Liberia. Tony Weedor, his wife, and young daughter survived the civil war and Liberia in the late 1980s and spent three years in a refugee camp in Ivory Coast. They later came to Denver where Tony received an M. Div at Denver Seminary.

Tony's vision is to start a study center in Liberia where the deep things of Christianity can be taught to those without theological and philosophical foundations. Tony is uniquely equipped to do this. They have purchased property and have received thousands of books to start a library, which would become the only functioning library in Liberia.

However, Tony has been losing support because supporters are losing jobs. The and his wife are struggling to keep up to support their four children and their aspiring ministry to bring truth and hope back to Liberia.Please visit the CenterPoint web page, pray for this vital ministry, and consider supporting it financially, as my wife and I do.