Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Oh, the agony of watching someone disintegrate before your eyes, ears, and heart.


  1. And then there is the agony of those who love you both, who watch your suffering and are able to do nothing but plead with God to bring relief. Please, Jesus, come and heal!

  2. Dr. Groothus, I stumbled upon your blogs after just now reading your book "Deceived by the Light." I was reading your book because I had just written a couple of blogs about the book "Heaven is for Real" and so was interested in reading about accounts of heaven. Have you read the book? What did you think of it?
    Here is the funny thing, I was looking for "intellectual" type stuff you might be currently writing and came across this blog of yours, about pain and suffering. I have two blogs, one is the story of the last year and a half of my son's life, and after his death. He died at the age of 2&1/2 of a rare metabolic disorder. My other blog is new, I have started it up as a place to discuss God, and my thoughts about postmodernity, the emergent church, experience vs faith... etc. I thought the double connection of your blogs was interesting.
    I enjoyed your book, by the way, and it is making me reconsider my own evaluation about "Heaven is for Real." Not too happy about that, really, as I prefered to believe more "natural" ways to explain the book, rather than spiritual deception, for I do not find it lines up with my the Bible.
    If you are interested, you are welcome to visit my blogs. (please if you do, don't be too hard on my quasi-intellectual musings. I never claimed to be a genius) They are both on blogspot. One is treasureheaven and the other is rainbowsearthquakes and you know the rest of the address.
    in Christ
    Karen Smith