Sunday, October 10, 2010

I sent this to our two Colorado Senators

Dear Senator:

I read that 100 watt incandescent bulbs will be illegal to produce after 2012 and the same goes for 40 watts after 2014. If this is the law, it is a terrible imposition on the choices of American citizens.

My wife has chemical and environmental sensitiveness, and cannot stand fluorescent lights. They literally make her sick. This is true for millions of Americans as well.

Is there any provision for these environmentally sensitive people under this new oppressive legislation. If not, there should be.

Doug Groothuis

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  1. I too am made ill by fluorescent lights. Here in California they are already phasing out lamps that use incandescent bulbs. I went into Lowes, a home improvement store and I could not find one lamp that used an incandescent bulb. So I am not only stocking up on light bulbs but am also buying extra lamps for future use. I wonder if incandescent bulbs will be available on the black market after they are banned???