Thursday, July 29, 2010


For many with chronic illness, doctor visits are their main form of social interaction. Do you wonder why they are sad?


  1. That is so true - and the doctor visits are not encouraging, either. Everyone wants to know "how it went" and you're feeling even more discouraged than you when you went in.

    I would never see another doctor if I could avoid it...but I can't.

  2. I hate to be the bearer of good news. I have a great doctor. We go out to dinner, sometimes share a beer and discuss pain treatment options. When I met him I was single, now I am married. Now the 4 of us get together once a week.

    But I will agree, I am much closer to my doctor than my pastor, than probably anyone else in my life including my family.

    The hardest part is that it is so one-sided. My doctor knows me inside and out literally. I don't even know my doctor's daughter's name. Most of our time together is spent trying to keep me out of the hospital or how not to see him more than two times a week in the office.